Mantua PTA Wish Fund

The generous support of Mantua ES families, community supporters, faculty and staff enables us to operate the Mantua PTA Wish Fund, a grant-awarding program founded in 2014 that seeks to fund projects of impact for our elementary school. Click HERE to review the 2017-18 Grant Awards and HERE to view the original proposals. Mantua PTA announced the 2017-18 school year's $10,000 Wish Fund budget via the Alert News and encouraged teachers, staff and current PTA members to submit applications. Information regarding the Wish Fund Grant can be found in the application packet, which can be downloaded HERE.

2017-18 Timeline

October 19: application window opens
October 27 at 5 p.m.: application submission deadline
November 3: PTA membership votes on committee recommendations
November 3-10: applicant notification of funding status
March 30: recipient reimbursement request and project evaluation report deadline

PTA Considerations for Proposal Review

The Wish Fund committee is responsible for reviewing applications and making recommendations to PTA membership for funding of Wish Fund proposals. The committee considers the following in its review:
  • extent of a project’s impact on the total school community;
  • number of students impacted and project benefits;
  • degree of direct relationship to students’ program of study; and
  • project sustainability (single use, multi-year, multi-purpose).


  • Any items purchased with wish funds for this project become Mantua ES property and must be tagged accordingly.
  • Wish funds must be spent as stated in the proposal.
  • All applicable payments or reimbursements must be requested by March 30, 2018.
  • Wish funds cannot be used to pay taxes on any portion of the project. Tax exclusion paperwork is available HERE.
  • In compliance with National PTA guidelines and IRS regulations for non-profit organizations, funds granted through the Mantua PTA Wish Fund program may not be used for association memberships or activities that result in primarily personal gains by students, parents, teachers or staff.
  • Applicants will provide a written Outcomes Summary to the PTA president and Wish Fund chair by March 30, 2018.
  • Applicants who are not Mantua ES teachers or staff must be Mantua PTA members in good standing. You may join PTA online HERE. Please email our Membership chairs at mcnolan4@gmail.com and mefleming@fcps.edu if you are unsure of your status.

Recipient Checklist

Tax Exemption: Download a copy of the tax-exempt status document HERE (also available in the PTA mailbox) and provide a copy to any vendor(s) to avoid being charged taxes. Please note that Mantua PTA is a tax-exempt organization and will not reimburse projects for taxes charged.
Tagging PTA-funded Materials: Contact Mantua ES's front office for tags if your project requires books, software or other permanent instructional materials or equipment. Please note that these items become Mantua ES property and must be tagged as such.
Paying for Funded Projects: Download and complete the reimbursement request form found HERE by March 30, 2018. Please note that recipients may request that PTA write checks directly to vendors upon receipt of an invoice or may receive reimbursement by providing a receipt for payment.
Project Evaluation Reporting: Complete your project's Outcomes Summary by March 30, 2018, and email it to the PTA president and the current Wish Fund chairperson at the email addresses provided below.

Previously Awarded Grants


Please contact Kristina Clarke and Julie Middleton, PTA Wish Fund Committee Chairs, at wishfund@mantuapta.org, or Sam Leiber, Mantua PTA President, at president@mantuapta.org if you have additional questions about the Mantua PTA Wish Fund.